Preparation for Trainings and Group Classes:

What to wear:

   • Wear comfortable clothes that you are willing to get            on the ground and goofy with your dog

   • Closed toe shoes

What to bring:

   • A copy of your dog's current vaccination records 

   • A signed copy of our client agreement and release              form

   • Treats and Treat Bag- and  I mean LOTS of  high value treats. More than you think! Either skip the meal or only have  a small ration of the meal before the training sessions. We want to ensure your dog is motivated to work

  • Cheese is my favorite. String Cheese is the best

       - I like Bixbi pocket trainers and kiwi freeze dried treats

   • 6 foot leash

       - I like the Euro Leashes  this is the one I want for class

       - I also love EZ One Piece Halter and Leash   this has a time and place

       - NO retractable leashes EVER

   • Martingale collar or flat quick release buckle collars              like this one​ 

  • A towel, bathmat, or fleece to use as a settle mat

  • A chew toy- something the dog likes to occupy your puppy during class  my instruction time​

  • Don't be late. I start on time. We want all the time for training

  • Please no unsupervised socialization. No nose to nose leashed interactions. This is a small space and I want all interactions to be positive. We will work on it

There may be a reason that the group class is not the right fit for your dog. If this is the case we will figure out a better choice for your dog's learning.

If you require any accommodations to enhance your learning please contact me.