Preparation for Trainings and Group Classes:

What to wear:

   • Wear comfortable clothes that you are willing to get            on the ground  and goofy with your dog

   • Closed toe shoes

What to bring:

   • A copy of your dog's current vaccination records 

   • A signed copy of our client agreement and release              form

   • Treats and Treat Bag- and LOTS of  high value treats

       - I like Bixbi pocket trainers and kiwi freeze dried treats

   • 6 foot leash

       - I like the Euro Leashes

       - I also love EZ One Piece Halter and Leash ( not                          available at pet food express)

       - NO retractable leashes

   • Martingale collar or flat quick release buckle collars              like this one

*You can find all these items at Pet Food Express.

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