Meet Mo Lynch Vashel, Your Canine Life Coach™

Diablo Doggies founder, Mo Lynch Vashel is a former Director of Behavior and Training at Early Alert Canines. Early Alert Canine, is a service dog organization that trains dogs to detects fluctuations of blood sugar levels in people that are afflicted  with Type 1 Diabetes.  Not only did she train the canines, Mo provided business development consulting for this worthy organization as well as professional training ranging from class curriculum to training manuals. Pervious to her tenor at Early Alert Canines, Mo was a California State Licensed Guide Dog Instructor. Her dedication to helping dogs and their families began at age nine as a 4-H Guide Dog Puppy Raiser. Today, she brings more than twenty years of experience in the field, with seven years of hands-on experience at the prestigious Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California and is State Board certified. She has trained and paired up more than 70 dogs with their blind companions and was distinguished with 13 award-winning graduations. During her tenure at Guide Dogs, Mo worked with over 400 hundred dogs. She was responsible for the teaching and reinforcement of positive and humane methods of the dogs care, including training, daily care, medications and stress relief.

After graduating from Loyola Marymount University, she continued her canine education. Mo studied under Trish King, one of the country's leading animal behaviorists and graduated from the Canine Behavior Academy in Novato, CA. During her studies, she worked with Trish and shelter dogs at the Marin Humane Society, aiding in positive behaviors that will lead to a successful placement.

Mo is a highly sought-after dog trainer who works dogs and their families to bring the best out in the dog by using positive motivational training to ensure the dog is incorporated into the family lifestyle. Based of years of experience working with various dog personalities, breeds and family living situations, she has perfected a new style of dog training that taps into the dog's innate intelligence to encourage and reinforce good behavior, making the dog a beloved member of the family. In addition to her gentle yet firm training style, she is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid as well as T-Touch massages, a special technique to relieve stress in animals. Mo's unique and highly effective style of training has transformed hundreds of dogs and earned her national recognition as a "Canine Life Coach."

She is also a Board Member of Furry Friends Pet Assisted Therapy Program, and a founding member of the East Bay chapter. As one of the largest organization for training pets and their owners to work in hospitals, libraries and senior citizens homes, the group provides quality time and interaction for children and the elderly with pets. Based on her status within this community, the American Kennel Club has turned to Mo to evaluate and certify others who wish to bring their dogs in for visits as part of the assisted therapy program

Today, with her wealth of experience, Mo enjoys speaking at organizations and groups about how with the right coaching both dogs and families can make a big difference in the lives of so many. Her energetic and motivational style along with her crowd-pleasing canines, makes her the ideal speaker for business meetings, career days and school programs.

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